Monday, January 28, 2013

Who's ready for Valentine's Day?

Even though I'll be house/cat sitting for the next month and won't be home much to enjoy them, I just had to get some decorations out for Valentine's Day. They're just too cute!

Besides the $5 I spent on ribbon for the garland and the $1 I paid for pink felt for the wreath, I didn't spend a dime! Just used things I had around the house. (Red hots were left over from 4th Week of July Party- yeah, I wouldn't recommend eating them either.)

I took my purple vases down and placed them in other parts of my living room, keeping their winter stems in them. I used the black candle holders I had on my Christmas table with their white candles. I then replaced the white, silver, and gold pine cones with red hots in my mason jars and added a tea light candle. The garland is serving as a runner over the burlap, and the wreath makes a nice focal piece for the table.
(Did you see that? I didn't even complain about not having a mantel.)

I also couldn't help putting up this month's free printable. It's just so cute!
Get yours here.

What's your favorite Valentine printable?

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