Saturday, January 5, 2013

Decorating for January.

Happy New Year! 
I'm excited for what this year may hold, 
and I'm excited to continue sharing more and more with you all. 

So remember how I said I was going to come up with some decorations for January that I love? Well, I did! But first, I had some sad news. The shelf I hung back in the fall to make up for my "lack of mantel" was terrible. The wall it hung on in my ever so humble place of living was too bowed for the shelf, so it was learning forward to the point that nothing would stay on it! I literally had to sticky tack my Christmas decorations to it. I decided that was too much of a hassle because I also couldn't put any thing with significant weight on it. I decided to take the shelf down (sniff sniff), and just leave the table I brought in for Christmas decorating in the room.

I covered the wall then with two upcycled canvases covered with a pretty, grey damask fabric I found. They conveniently covered all the holes in the wall that the shelf left ;)

I scored those white candleholders at Target in their after-Christmas clearance for 50% off. (I'd been eying them all season!) I also scored the gold and snow-covered branches in Michael's 70% off Christmas clearance. The cute printable in the middle was part of a set I downloaded from here. It says "It's a good day to have a good day." A good reminder for those of us in the cold Midwest!

As you'll notice in the second picture, those white candles had to go. I replaced then with cuter, silver pillar candles. I just didn't like the white ones. 



  1. Hi Abby! Love your new craft blog! I had a similar problem with shelves in our apartment. I gave up on them for a while, but when I made my DIY tufted headboard, I invested in a stud finder because I knew the headboard would be too heavy to just hang on the drywall.

    It's not perfect, because you're kind of limited in where you can hang things, but I've used it to hang a few shelves and it's been great! By screwing into the stud, the shelf is automatically sturdier than when I just screwed it into the drywall. Hope this helps!

  2. Hey Erica, thanks so much!

    I actually did have the shelf screwed into the stud! It's sort of hard to explain, but it was a thicker shelf from Target that "clipped" on to a metal piece that was screwed into the wall. The levelness of the shelf depended on the bottom part of the shelf hitting the wall, so when it only hit the wall in certain places because the wall was so bowed, it made it lean forward- hence making everything slide off :/

    I have not given up hope yet, though! I have the shelf sitting in my laundry room and am plotting a new location for it! Hopefully a straighter wall...haha!