Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Argyle Heart Wreath


Some days I'm okay with imperfect. Not frequently, but it does happen. Especially if I'm not making it to sell or for a gift!

Today my friend texted me a picture of a cute wreath she pinned on Pinterest. I laughed because I had also posted a similar pin! I got home from work, had some free time before my volleyball game, and decided I was going to see if I could replicate it. I only had to run to the store for one missing supply, everything else I had on hand! Fortunately, I already had a smaller grey wreath that I needed to upcycle. I removed the previous decorations very carefully, cute some cute pink and red hearts-no template, just free-handed, hence the imperfections ;), and got to work hot gluing them to the wreath! I then wrapped some sparkly white yarn I had leftover from a Christmas wreath to create the argyle look. Overall, since the wreath was already wrapped, I think it only took me about a half hour and my only cost was the pink felt I had to run to the store to pick up. 

Not bad for under $1!

And here it is on my front door.



  1. I love how yours turned out! So cute and festive :)


  2. Thanks, Lina! I appreciate the comment.