Saturday, January 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Garland

The bestie asked me to join her to run errands today. I've limited my budget for the month of January, so when she asked me to join her at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, I knew I was pushing my luck ;)

I saw this adorable garland at Michael's made out of scraps of ribbon, felt, and fabric. I immediately fell in love with it! It was $14.99, and I could've used a 40% off coupon, but I decided against it. We then traveled to Hobby Lobby and I found the cutest wired, checkered burlap ribbon. It was 50% off, so I paid $5 and some change for it. 

I got home and found plenty of materials to make my garland. Here it is!

Not bad for $5 and some change!
(and time...quite some time, actually)

A little closer look at the pieces I used.

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