Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lightsaber Summer Fun

About every other week this summer, I've been taking a day off work to watch my nephews for the day. It's been fun getting to spend some time with them and enjoying the summer!
Today was the last day because they head back to school next week. I wanted to come up with a few fun things for us to do. We went to the library for a while and picked out some books, played with the puppets in the storytelling area, and practicing our inside voices. ;)

Then we went to a few stores and picked up the supplies we needed to make some lightsabers! 
(Yes, they still eat, live, and breath Star Wars.) All we used were 2 pool noodles, duct tape, electrical tape, and painter's tape (although I'm sure even a blue Sharpie would work). 

We had a great day! 
And the best part of these? They don't hurt nearly as much as those plastic ones when they hit you!

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