Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It all started...

with a girls weekend in Bloomington.

Okay, well not really. My love for all things crafty was passed down to me from my mother, who my girlfriends affectionately refer to as Barb. When I was younger it seemed that whenever there was a craft project in Pioneer Girls, a wedding shower to throw, or a luncheon that needed centerpieces- my mom was at the top of everyone's call list. I think for a while I kind of thought that everyone's mom was like that. Whether I just assumed it came with the job title or it was all I knew, I quickly began to discover that different moms had different talents- and for some, crafting was NOT one of them. So, there you have it. Some moms sew, some knit, some make a killer casserole, but for the most part...my mom crafts.

So fast forward to a weekend in Bloomington, IN in the fall of 2010. I was sitting around with my former college roommates, who are all still affectionately referred to as "roommate", looking up some fun new home decor ideas. The summer before, our roommate Terry opened up a shop on Etsy called Hair Treasures and began selling the cutest hair accessories you ever done seen. The topic for the day? Yarn wreaths. After finding hundreds on Etsy, and being the daughter of a crafter, I believe my first words were: "Holy crap! 40?! I could totally make that myself!" And so it began.

I returned to Ohio the next day, took a trip to my local craft store (with most likely a 40% off coupon), and immediately got to work. The results of my first wreath?

This wreath was later recycled to complete another wreath. It was a start, but it needed a little help.

After I began making a few yarn wreaths, I began to discover how many crafting/home decor/DIY blogs there are on the world wide web. Wow! Who knew. I love having an idea in my head and googling a few words and being able to find the easiest possible way to do it. I love finding ideas from other blogs and putting my own twist on it to make it work for me. I could seriously read for hours!

I guess starting this blog is my way of sharing with friends things I'm working on, things I'd like to sell because my house is being overrun by crafting projects, and things I'm learning along the way. And in the long run, I hope to improve a lot of things! But in the meantime, here goes nothin'. Now, back to a craft project so I can blog about it... :)

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